About Us

Our Design-Build Team

We dedicate our time and energy to understanding your needs, and diagnosing the functional and spatial issues you are presenting to us.  In turn, we are able to provide you with effective design solutions to correct the functional and aesthetic ailments your project may have.
Construction requires specific expertise in both design and construction. It is our job to ensure your new project is everything you had hoped it would be in the design phase. During the construction process, your assigned construction Project Manager will have an in-person meeting with you weekly at a regularly scheduled time – if requested. During this meeting, we encourage open communication regarding your project and provide space to discuss any issues that may have emerged during this stage of your project.
Through effective communication, the common thread woven throughout our process, you can be assured that we will take care of you every step of the way.

Our Sub-Contracting Team

As good as our employees are, they alone can’t provide the custom construction services our clients have come to expect from Synergy. We work with more than 80 trusted partners, including sub-contractors and industry vendors with highly-specialized, cutting-edge skills. These partnerships are long-term relationships that we have built over years, and these folks are truly an extension of Synergy. We owe a large part of our success to our great team of subcontractors who are prequalified to ensure they are able to meet our expectations of quality, and complete their assigned tasks on time, on budget!

Our Support Personnel

We staff for the following Construction support personnel:

Construction Managers
Site Engineer
Safety Manager
QA/QC Manager
Structural Superintendent
Preliminary inspection review

Self-Performance Team

Regardless of the delivery method, Synergy can implement a strong self-performance aspect to directly control field work and optimize budget, schedule, quality, safety and communication – as needed. Our ability to self-perform critical trades delivers greater value to the project because we understand your processes, control cost and successfully manage all components of project delivery. You can rest easy knowing that our men and women are on the job!